Living Everywhere Else But Here (My trip around the world)

Around the world travel is one of the most adrenaline packed experiences a traveler will encounter. It’s one of those rare instances where your life could be headed in several very different directions. Three months into your trip, you may be trekking the Himalaya or scuba diving in Thailand. An around the world trip planner is a great tool to help you get started; I’ll show you some tips that will help your next big round the world adventure get off the ground smoothly. Learn more at From Here To There.

Firstly, begin online with an around the world trip planner such as to help you estimate how much your flights will set you back. I recommend Airtreks; I have used them for years and really enjoy the level of detail they provide. With their online trip planner, you can shop for their latest and greatest deals, or create your own itinerary. Here’s where it gets interesting: Once you compile your destinations, Airtreks will show you the price for such a trip, plus a cheaper alternative that uses only major cities, and a third option that will have additional cities for slightly more money (careful with this one; you can very easily upsell yourself on these deals!).Once you’ve priced out a trip it’s time to speak with a travel agent who will help you turn your dream into a reality. A solid agent will help you organize the necessary paperwork (visas and passports) as well travel shots and financial arrangements. You know, the fun stuff.

Now that you’ve been poked, prodded and paid for, let’s talk about baggage. Much like the emotional variety, the less the better. A common rule among vagabonds is to pack as little as possible, then take half of that. Let’s be real: a year is a long time, and lots of places in the world sell clothes for cheap. Do you really want to haul several pairs shoes on your back for the next twelve months? The basic necessities include a first aid kit, a few pairs of underwear, duct tape, travel papers and of course, money. Now that I think of it, if you have money (and plenty of it) you really don’t need anything else. Be like Forrest Gump and just go.