Useful Pre-Travel Hacks Every Traveler Should Know

You’ve probably come across a blog with many travel hacks but not telling you what exactly you need to do before the trip. Basically, there are several things that you should do before you travel to make your trip amazing. Here are useful pre-travel hacks that every traveler should know to make their trip better.

Avoid Dynamic Pricing when Booking Flights

Most travel websites track visits and raise their flight prices for those interested in traveling with them on realizing that their demand has gone up. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, clear cookies and search history or browse incognito. This will enable you to get actual prices when booking flights. It can also make a significant difference in terms of the amount you spend on flights when traveling.

Book Accommodation for a Few Nights Only in a New Place

When backpacking to a place you’ve never visited before, you don’t want to wander around at night trying to find a place to rest. This is risky especially if you don’t know where you can find accommodation. Therefore, book accommodation for the first nights of your arrival. This will enable you to find cheap travel accommodations while at your travel destination and shift. You can even come across travelers that are staying at a cheaper place and getting better services than what you book for.

Scan and Email Yourself Important Travel Documents

It’s possible to lose your travel documents when traveling. To make replacing them easy, scan and email yourself these documents. Such documents include your passport, insurance policy, I.D, and emergency contacts. This will give you protection and peace of mind in case you lose them or somebody steals them. This pre-travel hack may seem effortless but it’s absolutely important.

Call Your Debit or Credit Card Provider

Informing your debit or credit card company that you intend to travel is important for different reasons. For instance, your debit or credit card provider will not suspect the activities of your card when performed away from home and consider freezing your account. Additionally, you can use this opportunity to inquire about using the card away from home.

You also find out more about the amount you will be charged for such transactions and whether there are perks you are entitled to. It’s important to talk to your debit or credit card provider because some companies provide travel cards while others offer benefits like money off insurance for car rental.

Check Online Booking Perks

Check out offers that some flights and hotels offer travelers that book online. Some of these perks are country-specific and others depend on the time when you travel. Therefore, check websites of flights and accommodation providers. Also check packages of travel agencies and apps that you can use to book. This can help you save money by booking a cheap flight, cheap accommodation, or getting a discounted travel package.

In addition to these pre-travel hacks every traveler should know, it’s important to familiarize with the laws and regulations of your travel destinations. This will enable you to avoid trouble with law enforcers and focus on enjoying your trip to the fullest.

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Best Remote Vacation Spots for a Stress Free Trip

There are many remote vacation spots where you can spend a remarkable trip alone, with a partner or a group of people. A major benefit of remote vacations is that the destinations do not have many elements of modern civilizations. As a result, going on a trip to these spots offers a unique environment to freely relax and unwind away from the trappings of the new age developments. Today, there are several remote vacation spots that you can choose from when planning an escape. Here are some of the best spots to consider when seeking a stress free remote vacation.

Little River Canyon, Alabama

Contrary to its name, the Little River is believed to be the longest alpine river in the US. The river runs from the top of the Lookout Mountain in northern Alabama for 12 miles. It creates amazing, scenic views and bluffs that dramatically change color every season. The 15,000 acre wilderness provides great spots for camping, rock climbing, sightseeing and other amazing experiences.

Havasupai Indian Reservation, Arizona

Considered the most remote village in the United States, Supai Village has been the home to the Havasupai Tribe since 1300. The village is located in the Grand Canyon and visitors must travel by foot or mules for 8 miles to get to the remote town. The reservation has several breathtaking features that will undoubtedly make your trip worthwhile.

Adak Island, Alaska

Adak Island is usually hard to get to but a trip to this spot guarantees you a unique and more fulfilling experience. With a population of slightly above 300, the island remains covered in snow most of the year. To encourage visitors to the island, the Alaska Airlines have biweekly flights that you can border from Anchorage. Besides, Adak town also offers several accommodation options. On the island, you can enjoy several activities including fishing, hunting and bird watching.

Bodie, California

Located on the eastern part of the Sierra Nevadas, the ghost town of Bodie offers an incredible window through the historic California Gold Rush. The site is maintained in an ‘’arrested decay’’ state whereby even the historic buildings are still stuffed with goods just like in the past. Accessibility to the once thriving mining town is only through 13 mile dirt road.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte is one of the best and oldest remote ski towns with unlimited options for outdoor recreation. Located within Gunnison National Forest, the spot has a breathtaking 12,000 foot elevation. It features a mountain town for nature walks and other outdoor recreational activities. The area is also adjacent to an established ski resort.

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

These seasonally changing mid-Atlantic wetlands are also a great destination for remote getaways. It features up to 12-miles wildlife drive, dirt trails, board walks and a 30 foot long observation tower for incredible sightseeing tours. Apart from the above remote vacation spots, there are other sublimely isolated destinations that you may also want to consider for a stress free getaway. These include Wilderness Waterway in Florida, Canaan Mountain in Connecticut and Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas.

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Destination: Anywhere (Best places to visit last minute)

Last minute holidays are always the most successful and energizing ones. We live in a world where planning is crucial due to our hectic schedules and lives, but once or twice a year we get to go on direct holidays where relaxation, fun, recharging our batteries is what we do all the time. Whenever we plan our holidays, usually something will come up, like a last minute project, or a last minute business trip, or some kind of a family event, problems with the kids or the wife, stuff like that can totally ruin the will to go on vacation. As last minute holidays are always unplanned we do not have time to worry about details, details can be really bugging and can take up a lot of our time, so we will feel the need to allocate time to plan details as well. Some people over do it. So it is not advisable to pay attention to details. Just let loose for once. After all, that is all what last minute holidays are all about.

That is all, vacations in general, are all about. No worries, no cell phones, no responsibilities, no one to bother us, just relaxing in the hot summer sun, or the fresh mountain air, climbing hills, discovering territories, visiting history sites, visiting other countries, capitals, remote places or villages, experiencing other cultures. These are the stuff we do on last minute holidays which will recharge out batteries for sure, and we will be able to continue our hectic daily lives back at home when our vacation is done. When it comes to the vacations season, and most of the time of the rest of the year, many travel companies have special offers for so called direct holidays.

If you are thinking about where to go on your vacation you should really check out one of these offers that come in special packages with special prices for airline tickets, special prices at the hotel in the place you choose to stay in and so on. It all depends on what kind of a person you are, but even if you are very calculated take a chance and let yourself lose on last minute holidays for once.

Just Over Yonder (Traveling close to home)

Traveling for the adventure of it is becoming much more popular these days, but, it can be quite expensive. Others may find it too dangerous to even consider it, but I’m going to give you some great ideas for safe, close to home, adventures that are affordable and fun. Take a look at the list below to get some ideas of your own. Learn rock climbing. Take local rock climbing lessons in your area. It may not be the highest mountain in the country, but you probably can find a fairly steep mountain to climb just for the adventure of it. Most of the East Coast, and West Coast will not have any problem locating somewhere to climb, and there will be plenty of local schools ready to teach you. With a trained climber joining you, this is one adventure that is not too dangerous.

Find all of the local swimming places and make it a goal to hit them all this summer. Each of them will put you up for a hike (to get there) and a nice cool dip in the water during hot summer months will not cost you anything. You can find these by word of mouth (from your friends), or just by watching for others dragging food and picnics into the woods. At that point, you know it’s pretty likely that there is water around.

Take up snowshoeing. Being in a winter environment (in the Midwest) has not always been fun. That is, not until my wife and I took up snowshoeing. This is a very inexpensive sport, with two options for equipment: 1.) rent it from a local sporting goods store, you will get modern equipment and can decide if you should buy your own, or 2.) visit a local park during the winter that offers snowshoeing hikes, they almost all have snowshoes for rent, but they will usually be the old fashioned kind. Any way, you get a good chance to try out the sport. If you enjoy it, consider calling your golf courses in the area and ask them if it is OK to snowshoe there in the winter, all of them that I called had no problem with it.

Consider a spiritual journey. If you have retreats or monasteries near you, make a day of traveling to them all, spending some time and relaxing, and then decide if you want to return for a longer stay. Almost all of these type of spiritual centers will allow visitors, and they generally have very cheap rooms available. Stay the night and see how relaxing it can be. Find a public, county, or state park and go canoeing. Many local parks will have canoes available for rent. You can spend a day just floating, and the park people will pick you up down the river and drive you back to your car.Think about getting into treasure searching. You can usually find a good, cheap used metal detector online, or in your local classified ads. If you pick one up, you can plan an entire weekend around treasure hunting at a local beach, or woods. You never know what you might find. If you’re really adventurous you could go to your courthouse and look up old historical records for locations like old picnic areas, parks, or watering holes and search there. Old coins and jewelry may add up to enough to pay for your metal detector, especially with the high price of gold these days.

Take a hobo trip to wherever you end up. How does this work you ask? Well, you pack enough food and drinks and clothes to cover you for a few days, then everyone jumps in the car and you take off for an unknown place. Have travelers randomly pick a direction every few hours and just drive until you decide it’s time to stop. Spend the night in a different town, or consider making a camping trip out of it by bringing along camping and tent gear. This trip is really inexpensive too. An adventure is defined as any type of activity or destination that you visit and take part in that is completely new to you and that does not have an outcome that is entirely predictable. This can be just about anything you like, as you see from the examples above. Take one of those, or think up an entirely new one, either way enjoy your next adventure that stays within your budget too.

Come Fly With Me (best airlines to travel with)

We are all hearing some pretty strange stories about how the airlines are charging people these days. I just recently heard about an airline that is considering laying their passengers and pricing their tickets accordingly. That’s pretty drastic stuff in my book, but then again, maybe it is justified. In any event, booking airline tickets can become a pretty expensive proposition. But we as customers of the airlines have a way to fight back. And what I mean by fighting back is shopping smart and saving money.

I personally like to use the Internet to shop and compare airline travel deals. There are literally dozens and dozens of websites that are independent of the airlines and are therefore not beholden to them. What that means is that it is in their best interest to show you the very best airfares available. Some of these websites can be a little bit intimidating at first but you will soon find that they are actually quite easy to navigate. They can actually be quite enjoyable once you get the hang of them. I see travel websites as treasure maps and it is up to me to find the treasure, which in this case are exceptional airline travel deals.What you will find is that these travel sites usually offer a whole lot more than just airline tickets and information. Many of them offer package deals that include hotels, car rentals and visits to attractions such as theme parks and museums. Actually makes perfect sense doesn’t it? The bottom line is that you can get great airfares as a part of a travel package.

Another excellent alternative is booking last minute flight reservations. Usually to find the best deals you have to book your flight well in advance. But a little known secret is that if you are flexible enough and can travel at the last minute there are some great deals to be had. Airlines faced with last-minute cancellations will price their tickets to sell as opposed to having those seats go empty and the airline not making any money on them.

If you do find a great deal on last minute cheap flights then you must be prepared to travel at odd times. Usually what happens is that the airlines have most of their empty seats during their red-eye flights. But for my money, traveling at odd hours of the morning and night is an inconvenience that is more than compensated for by the savings enjoyed for the airline tickets. I have personally had great success and save a lot of money by doing my comparison shopping online and taking advantage of those great airline travel deals that are available. They are out there believe me, you just need to know where to look. If you need help finding good deals, let me know by contacting me here.

Living Everywhere Else But Here (My trip around the world)

Around the world travel is one of the most adrenaline packed experiences a traveler will encounter. It’s one of those rare instances where your life could be headed in several very different directions. Three months into your trip, you may be trekking the Himalaya or scuba diving in Thailand. An around the world trip planner is a great tool to help you get started; I’ll show you some tips that will help your next big round the world adventure get off the ground smoothly. Learn more at From Here To There.

Firstly, begin online with an around the world trip planner such as to help you estimate how much your flights will set you back. I recommend Airtreks; I have used them for years and really enjoy the level of detail they provide. With their online trip planner, you can shop for their latest and greatest deals, or create your own itinerary. Here’s where it gets interesting: Once you compile your destinations, Airtreks will show you the price for such a trip, plus a cheaper alternative that uses only major cities, and a third option that will have additional cities for slightly more money (careful with this one; you can very easily upsell yourself on these deals!).Once you’ve priced out a trip it’s time to speak with a travel agent who will help you turn your dream into a reality. A solid agent will help you organize the necessary paperwork (visas and passports) as well travel shots and financial arrangements. You know, the fun stuff.

Now that you’ve been poked, prodded and paid for, let’s talk about baggage. Much like the emotional variety, the less the better. A common rule among vagabonds is to pack as little as possible, then take half of that. Let’s be real: a year is a long time, and lots of places in the world sell clothes for cheap. Do you really want to haul several pairs shoes on your back for the next twelve months? The basic necessities include a first aid kit, a few pairs of underwear, duct tape, travel papers and of course, money. Now that I think of it, if you have money (and plenty of it) you really don’t need anything else. Be like Forrest Gump and just go.