Best Remote Vacation Spots for a Stress Free Trip

There are many remote vacation spots where you can spend a remarkable trip alone, with a partner or a group of people. A major benefit of remote vacations is that the destinations do not have many elements of modern civilizations. As a result, going on a trip to these spots offers a unique environment to freely relax and unwind away from the trappings of the new age developments. Today, there are several remote vacation spots that you can choose from when planning an escape. Here are some of the best spots to consider when seeking a stress free remote vacation.

Little River Canyon, Alabama

Contrary to its name, the Little River is believed to be the longest alpine river in the US. The river runs from the top of the Lookout Mountain in northern Alabama for 12 miles. It creates amazing, scenic views and bluffs that dramatically change color every season. The 15,000 acre wilderness provides great spots for camping, rock climbing, sightseeing and other amazing experiences.

Havasupai Indian Reservation, Arizona

Considered the most remote village in the United States, Supai Village has been the home to the Havasupai Tribe since 1300. The village is located in the Grand Canyon and visitors must travel by foot or mules for 8 miles to get to the remote town. The reservation has several breathtaking features that will undoubtedly make your trip worthwhile.

Adak Island, Alaska

Adak Island is usually hard to get to but a trip to this spot guarantees you a unique and more fulfilling experience. With a population of slightly above 300, the island remains covered in snow most of the year. To encourage visitors to the island, the Alaska Airlines have biweekly flights that you can border from Anchorage. Besides, Adak town also offers several accommodation options. On the island, you can enjoy several activities including fishing, hunting and bird watching.

Bodie, California

Located on the eastern part of the Sierra Nevadas, the ghost town of Bodie offers an incredible window through the historic California Gold Rush. The site is maintained in an ‘’arrested decay’’ state whereby even the historic buildings are still stuffed with goods just like in the past. Accessibility to the once thriving mining town is only through 13 mile dirt road.

Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte is one of the best and oldest remote ski towns with unlimited options for outdoor recreation. Located within Gunnison National Forest, the spot has a breathtaking 12,000 foot elevation. It features a mountain town for nature walks and other outdoor recreational activities. The area is also adjacent to an established ski resort.

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

These seasonally changing mid-Atlantic wetlands are also a great destination for remote getaways. It features up to 12-miles wildlife drive, dirt trails, board walks and a 30 foot long observation tower for incredible sightseeing tours. Apart from the above remote vacation spots, there are other sublimely isolated destinations that you may also want to consider for a stress free getaway. These include Wilderness Waterway in Florida, Canaan Mountain in Connecticut and Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas.

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